The removal of skin protuberances by laser is a common and safe procedure, but even so, you might want to know a but more about it. The most common questions are answered directly by the senior doctor of our laser centre MD Pavel Zloský below.

How can skin protuberances be removed?

Skin protuberances can be removed in two ways, using a laser or the classical surgical way. The doctor will decide on the suitable method of removal after the preliminary examination by a dermatoscope, which is capable of magnifying and zooming in on the skin protuberance. Not every protuberance can be removed by laser.

What makes laser hair removal better?

While a scar remains after the surgical removal of the protuberance, after the laser removal of the protuberance only a surface wound remains at the site of the procedure which heals much better.

Is the procedure safe? If I have a sensitive skin, is it possible that I will suffer from allergies?

As already mentioned, the laser may not be suitable for the removal of all skin protuberances. However, laser removal is safe. The probability of recurrence is very small. As far as sensitivity is concerned, you can be allergic only to anaesthetic agents or patches.

How painful is the laser removal?

Small protuberances can be safely removed without the use of anaesthetic agents, when it comes to more extensive or multiple procedures we either use a local desensitizing injection or an anaesthetic gel.

How long does the procedure take? Is one session per protuberance enough?

The procedure is not time consuming at all, it takes tens of minutes, usually one session is absolutely sufficient.

How long is the recovery period after the procedure?

After the procedure, a scab is formed which usually disappears within a week. The surface wound heals usually within 2-3 weeks, depending on the extent of the procedure.

If I undergo a procedure on the face, how long will I have to wait until I can apply my make-up?

You can use your make-up once the scab is formed, which is usually in two to three days.

What is the price of laser removal?

The price for the removal of one or two protuberances is 1200 Czech crowns. If more protuberances are to be removed, the price for each procedure is reduced by 200 crowns for each additional protuberance.

Is the procedure suitable for pregnant women and small children?

It is not suitable at all for children and pregnant women.

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