These skin projections resembling freckles are not malignant, they just may sometimes be undesirable. They usually have a genetic cause, but what is positive is that they can be very easily removed by laser at Esthé Laser Clinic.

How to recognize fibroma?

Fibromas often manifest themselves as skin projections, they usually have a round or cylindrical shape. Their siye differs. If someone neglects this projection, it may swell up and then rub against underwear or backpack for instance. It is usually reddish in colour, it can quite often resemble freckles.

What causes a Fibroma?

Fibroma has several causes. The first of these are genetic predispositions. Therefore, if your parents suffer from skin projections, it is possible that they will not avoid you either. Another cause is the lack of certain elements or vitamins, in particular the vitamins A, C and E as well as selenium or zinc. Generally, the skin projections can be an indicator that something is out of balance in our body.

How then is fibroma removed?

Fibroma can be easily removed by laser. Before the surgery at Esthé we will investigate the projection using a digital dermatoscope which is capable of magnifying the fibroma up to 50 times so that we can check it afterwards. After that, it is time for the alexandrite laser which will target the area with the beam and will not damage the surrounding tissue. The procedure is almost painless. You will be left with only a small scab which will disappear approximately within a week.

The ideal time to remove fibromas by laser is the approaching winter season. Take advantage of this fact and entrust yourself to the hands of experts at Esthé.