Varicose veins are not only an aesthetic problem. If they are not treated, they can cause serious health complications. In our vascular consultation office we will comprehensively examine the state of your vascular system and recommend you a suitable treatment method. The newest one is called CLARIVEIN, which has an effectiveness of up to 98%.

What is the course of the procedure?

We will anaesthetize the injection site and insert a catheter into the damaged vein. Its tip rotates very fast, injecting a special sclerosing solution into the vein and thus causing its contraction. The simultaneous mechanical and chemical "damage" completely closes the vein. In this method, any damage to the nerves or skin is excluded due to the fact that the movement of the catheter is constantly monitored by ultrasound. The Clarivein method removes also the visible varicose veins, therefore they do not need to be removed surgically.

The main advantages of CLARIVEIN

  • The procedure takes approx. 20 minutes, you can return to work immediately   after the procedure.
  • No thermal damage to nerves, skin or dermis occurs.
  • We can remove varicose veins in both legs in the course of a single procedure.
  • You have to wear the compression stocking only for 1-2 weeks after the procedure.
  • The effects are long-term.
  • We will successfully remove up to 98 % varicose veins

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