Wart Removal

Do you suffer from warts? Are you looking for ways how to get rid of them once and for all? Submit yourself to the care of professionals. Warts are an acute and pressing issue for a lot of people. A complete removal of warts can be very time consuming. In particular, the typical viral warts are very stubborn and tend to constantly recur.

Laser wart removal

Do you have a wart which constantly returns? Are you afraid there is nothing you can do about it? Don't be afraid of trying a revolutionary method of wart removal, whose results have been confirmed by many patients. We use a very powerful vascular laser Candela V-Beamto remove warts at our clinic. It is capable of achieving the best results. The laser literally cuts the wart off from its sustenance by interrupting its vascular supply. This effective method of removing warts can be undergone by both adults and small children.

Notice: Esthé Laser Clinic is not equipped for the treatment of viral warts Condylomata Acuminata (appearing in intimate areas).

Advantages of laser wart removal

  • quick
  • non-invasive


Price list

Wart removal by V-Beam Laser - 1 visit Price
Initial examination (payed only on the 1st visit) 500 CZK
1 wart 1,000 CZK
2 - 4 warts 1,900 CZK
5+ warts 2,900 CZK