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Eye area intervention

Dear Esthe,I have a question as well. It is a bit more complicated to explain but I will give it a try. Basically, I have a naevi that is split between the superior in the inferior parts of my eye. The naevi is not pigmented and both the superior and the inferior eyelids are growing from/near it.Do you think that an intervention is possible in order to remove a protuberance in such a delicate area?Kind regards,Alexandra

Alexandra, 13. 11. 2012


Dear Alexandra,


We unfortunatelly  can not tell You how to solve Your problem , before we will see and examine it. So if it´s possible send us photo or the best is to come for check up, where doctor  - dermatologist will examine Your skin and find the best solution for Your problem.


In some cases ( not so close to eye ) we can use Erbium laser, which removes skin outgrowths.  Sometimes we have to send a patient to ophthalmologist.


Best regards,

Dr. Kubátová


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