The gift of beauty

gift cards to Esthé Laser Clinic


Present your loved ones with a gift voucher to a top aesthetic clinic to compensate for the care for which they might have not had the time or the thoughts yet this year. Give them now the opportunity to do something good for their appearance with the help of our experienced doctors.

Our clinic remains open so you don´t have to fear that your gift will go unused. We also offer 100% money-back guarantee.


What can you look forward to?


Many procedures for skin rejuvenation, botox application, permanent hair removal and a lot more.


You can even buy the voucher at last minute. You will receive it immediately in your mail inbox. It becomes active straight after the payment is processed.  


How does it work?

1give a voucher in the amount of...



2 000 CZK

The voucher can be used for e.g.:

  •     Upper lip hair removal
  •     Chemical peeling of the face
  •     Biostimulation of the skin
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3 000 CZK

The voucher can be used for e.g.:

  • Wrinkles on the forehead (botox)
  • Rejuvenation of the neck
  • Small tattoo removal (one session)
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6 000 CZK

The voucher can be used for e.g.:

  • Rejuvenation of the face
  • Wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes (botox)
  • 4 sessions of chemical peeling
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10 000 CZK

The voucher can be used for e.g.:

  • Plasma therapy
  • Forearms laser hair removal
  • Dermal fillers
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