Biostimulation laser maestro

Biostimulation laser Maestro is the most versatile type of therapeutic laser. It represents a gentle laser method used for the suppression of inflammatory reactions of the skin (e.g. acne or cold sores), for rapid healing of post-surgical wounds, for the modification of both recent and older scars or in the treatment of scalp diseases.

Biostimulation Laser Treatment by Maestro

An immense advantage of Maestro laser model is its ability to treat larger skin areas - eg. the whole face or neck. Furthermore, this therapy is absolutely safe and painless. There are no significant restrictions after the procedure. The duration of the procedure using biostimulation laser varies according to individual needs but usually takes around 30 minutes.

biostimulation laser maestro is suitable for the treatment of many medical and cosmetic indications. In particular:

  • For the fast healing of postoperative wounds
  • For the adjustment of fresh or older scars and stretchmarks
  • To suppress inflammatory reactions of the skin (e.g. acne or herpes)
  • For the treatment of scalp diseases, as it stimulates hair growth
  • For healing after laser procedures

Acne laser treatment by biostimulation laser

Biostimulation laser is also used in complex acne treatments. The anti-inflammatory effect of this laser accelerates the healing of pimples. Moreover, repeated exposure to the laser light increases the overall immunity of the skin. And last but not least, it has a beneficial effect for the formation of scars.

Acne treatment by biostimulation laser is very successful. In most cases, the skin reacts quickly and the results are visible already after several applications.

Used methods

Maestro MDTL

Biostimulation therapy laser Maestro



price list

Biostimulation of skin Maestro Price
Initial examination (payed only on the 1st visit) 500 CZK
1 session (depending on the extent) 300 CZK
Subscription for a series of 6 sessions 1,600 CZK


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