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Hello, I have acbe scars on both of my cheeks (both depressed skin and red color). I did one CO2 fractional laser around 1year ago. I would want something really effective treatment for my scars that would even out the skin texture. (I am not that concerned about the hyperpigmentation). What would be the best option for me? I dont have an active acne. (Not in past 2 years)

Venla, 2. 10. 2023 Answer »


need to know how long it will take to stitch ot laser to close the ear holes

Kanta , 20. 9. 2023 Answer »

Dermoid Cyst Between Eye and Nose

Do you remove the dermoid cyst between eye and nose that is present since birth? The patient is 19 year old.

KP, 16. 9. 2023 Answer »


I have a sebaceous cyst on my chest can you remained this. I also have skin tags which I would like removed

Karen Crocker, 13. 8. 2023 Answer »

Dark circle under eyes

Hallo, i am looking to find out what options exist regarding removal of dark circles under eyes? I am white male 41 years old and have dark circles that’s I want to remove have always had them but have got worse with age, any solutions would be of interest. Thanks

Anonymous, 6. 8. 2023 Answer »

How much does us cost to sew both ear lobes?

How much does us cost to sew both ear lobes?

27. 3. 2023 Answer »

Masseter Botox

Hello! I was wondering if you offer masseter botox at your Prague location. Thank you, Jasmine:)

Jasmine Brousseau-Muir, 22. 12. 2022 Answer »


I just want to ask how much is the cost of drainaing cebaceous cyst

9. 12. 2022 Answer »

Sun pigmentation

Hi, I have sun pigmentation on my face. Which laser type is the best and how many session is needed for medium level of pigmentation?

Barbara, 24. 10. 2022 Answer »


Dobry den, rada bych se s Vami poradila o botulotoxine. Je mi 34 let a pozoruji na moji tvari vice vrasek na cele I vnejsich koutku oci. Rada bych se zeptala na cenu cela I oci razem, jelikoz jsem tohle nikdy nepodstoupila. Dekuji a preji krasnej den. S pozdravem Anonym.

3. 10. 2022 Answer »

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