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Scar removal

Hi there I have a small scar on my face from a burn. What would be the best way to reduce this scar? I can send a photo if you like.

Belinda Blane, 26. 8. 2022 Answer »


Hello, I would like to ask you is your clinic providing rosacea treatment with laser ?

Karina , 24. 8. 2022 Answer »


Hello! What kind botullinum toxin do you use in clinic? Botox vs Dysport?

Tanya, 4. 8. 2022 Answer »


Hi , I would like to ask how much for about Botox for slim face .

29. 7. 2022 Answer »

Scar removal

Hi I have a 6cm vertical scar on my wrist. How much would it cost for a removal session?

Julia Poggi, 19. 7. 2022 Answer »

Botox for sharp jawline (chin botox)

Hello, I'd like to ask about availabilty for botox treatment on the chin. I got it in Korea several times. But I'm not sure it is available here or not. Please let me know it.

3. 7. 2022 Answer »

Strech mark

I want to treat strech mark using laser

Oluwasogo Oluwanimbe , 21. 6. 2022 Answer »

Suitable procedure

Hi, I'm wondering which procedure would be best for large pores and uneven skin tone pls. Thank you

Fiona , 27. 5. 2022 Answer »

accident scar removal

Good morning I have a injury on my forehead as a result of this multiple scars have been formed is it possible reduce the visibility of scars

Jobin Josh, 18. 5. 2022 Answer »

Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Hello, I have hyperpigmentation problem on my both underarms since few years back and back then I was diagnosed with Neurodermititis as I had an allergic reaction to a deodorant I used. Now my underarm skin is healed but left with dark marks from it and I would like to laser it to remove the hyperpigmentation. What kind of laser procedure would you recommend for me and how many sessions will I need to go through to cleared up the pigmentation? Thank you in advance!

11. 5. 2022 Answer »

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