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pigment spots in the face

After laser treatment of pigment spots on the face, some scabs will appear. How long will it be before I can shave again? Does the beard hair grow through the scab?

30. 10. 2021 Answer »


Dobrý den, mám problém s vlasovou pokožkou, proto potřebuji konzultaci. S pozdravem Yosufi

M.Fayez Yosufi, 28. 10. 2021 Answer »

Botox appointment

Hello, do you have any appointments open for Botox on Saturday? Thank you

Laura, 27. 5. 2021 Answer »


Hello, I have 2 spots of Xanthelasma under my eyes, which I would like to remove. Is is possible to remove it with your technology ? thank you regards Aurelien Gaillard

Aurelien Gaillard, 18. 4. 2021 Answer »


Chtela jsem se zeptat jestli je mozne nejak resit viditelny chlupy horniho rtu me 6 lete dcere.jelikoz obavam se aby nebyla sikanovana az zacne chodit na zakladni skole.

24. 3. 2021 Answer »


Hi , I would like have a visit and see what treatment will be necessary with my varicose veins issue. Do you accept insurance ? I do have a VZP type of insurance , would that be accepted ? Thank you for consideration !

JASON, 27. 12. 2020 Answer »


I just would like to ask, is there a possibility to remove the pigmentation on my legs if i have a brown tone skin? My problem is i have a lot of scars and i got it when i was still a kid.... that was i think but i went to thelaser dermatologie but they said its pigmentation

6. 12. 2020 Answer »

legs and arms

legs and arms. saggy skin. What are my options? What is your availability? thank you

Irena Johnson, 19. 11. 2020 Answer »

Scar removal

Hi, I’m Mahak. I fell on road a couple of months ago and inured my left cheek which left a scar later the scar isn’t too big and it’s just like a dark spot on my face. I’m interested in it’s treatment. May i know how can I get rid of it? And which procedures would be suitable for its removal? Thanks

Mahak, 28. 10. 2020 Answer »


Hello, I have skin rashes over my bold scalp, and I would like to have a dermatology evaluation, is this services you do ?

Luc , 18. 10. 2020 Answer »

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