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Removal of dark circles and scars of face

Hi, Please can you guide what treatment should I go for as I have some scars on my face and dark circles under my eyes. Which is the best treatment and for how many times do I need to have the treatment for permanent removal of this problem. Waiting for your advice. Thank you.

28. 7. 2020 Answer »

the right treatment

Hello, before reserve any treatment, I would like to know what is the right procedure to get rid of my old scars due to acne and fix and sagging skin on my face. Thank you

Nico, 23. 7. 2020 Answer »

Removal of dark circles and scars of face

Hi, I live in prague and I have dark circles under my eyes. Could you please let me know what is the procedure of treatment and how much it will cost. And how I can book the appointment. Thank you.

Anu, 22. 7. 2020 Answer »

Laser hair removal

Hello! I want to do laser epilation and know if you have student discount or any discount for full body

Anonymní, 30. 6. 2020 Answer »

Tattoo removal

I have a tattoo in pink, blue, white and black colors, which was covered up a few times. I would like to know how I can remove it, please?

30. 6. 2020 Answer »

Lip injection

Hi. I have some questions about lip injections. 1. Do u use regular(safe) injections as teosyl, restylane etc? 2. What kind of anesthetic do you use? 3. And what are thw prises for 1ml? Of teosyl nr 2? Thank you for answer. :)

Maiken Hansen, 17. 5. 2018 Answer »


Hello ,i have a problem with acnee and i want to try the laser smooth! I want to ask is possible to put make up after one day of the tratament?

8. 5. 2018 Answer »

sebaceous cyst?

Do you do surgical excision of a sebaceous cyst?

25. 3. 2014 Answer »

Fillers for lip plumping

HiI am arriving in Prague on 9th March and would like to know what kind of filler I would need to plump lips. I have full lips and I just want them much fuller. I am leaving Prague on 14th March and would be able to come to the clinic on the 11th or 12th March. Thankyou.

Juliette, 17. 2. 2014 Answer »

Botox and Peeling/filler

Hello. What treatment you can make for the face. I am a man age 66 but I used to make Botix and filler for the last 6 years. Do you have any treatment for the neck to look better ? Thank you

Alsharhan, 31. 1. 2014 Answer »

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