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MUDr. Pavel Zloský


Hello, I have acbe scars on both of my cheeks (both depressed skin and red color). I did one CO2 fractional laser around 1year ago. I would want something really effective treatment for my scars that would even out the skin texture. (I am not that concerned about the hyperpigmentation). What would be the best option for me? I dont have an active acne. (Not in past 2 years)

Venla, 2. 10. 2023


Dear Venla,


We can offer you a treatment with the V-beam laser to reduce the redness of the scars and I would suggest trying a chemical peel to even out the skin colour and texture. Unfortunately, if you´ve already tried the fractional CO2 laser and were not happy with the results we wouldn´t be able to offer you a more potent treatment. Also, treating the depressed scars is very hard and as for my knowledge the CO2 treatment is the best option for this problem.


Kind regards,

MDDr. Tereza Rytířová


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