Removal of skin growths

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I have a sebaceous cyst on my chest can you remained this. I also have skin tags which I would like removed

Karen Crocker, 13. 8. 2023 Answer »


Can you treat Xanthelasma, the yellow fatty deposits that can form around the eyes?

7. 4. 2022 Answer »


Hello, I have 2 spots of Xanthelasma under my eyes, which I would like to remove. Is is possible to remove it with your technology ? thank you regards Aurelien Gaillard

Aurelien Gaillard, 18. 4. 2021 Answer »

Eye area intervention

Dear Esthe,I have a question as well. It is a bit more complicated to explain but I will give it a try. Basically, I have a naevi that is split between the superior in the inferior parts of my eye. The naevi is not pigmented and both the superior and the inferior eyelids are growing from/near it.Do you think that an intervention is possible in order to remove a protuberance in such a delicate area?Kind regards,Alexandra

Alexandra, 13. 11. 2012 Answer »

Looking for clinic

Dear Esthe:I have two small growths on my face (temple and cheek) that I would like to have removed. Can you perform this service directly or do I need to go to a dermatologist first? Thanks,Matt Hadley

Matthew Hadley, 30. 5. 2011 Answer »



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