Removal of skin growths

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MUDr. Pavel Zloský


I have a sebaceous cyst on my chest can you remained this. I also have skin tags which I would like removed

Karen Crocker, 13. 8. 2023


Dear Karen,


Yes, you can book an appointment to have the skin tags removed with a laser. As for the sebaceous cyst, please book an appointment with MD Maixnerová (she can also remove the skin tags for you). She is a surgeon and she would assess whether she would do the procedure at our clinic based on the location and the size of the cyst. 

Please contact our reception desk if you would like to schedule a visit. The initial examination costs 500 CZK. The procedures can usually be done straight after the consultation or you can book the procedure for a later date.


Kind regards,

MUDr. Pavel Zloský 


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