Skin growths

Skin growths are skin formations which vary in type and shape. The most common ones are fibroma, keratosis, warts and milia. The harmless ones can be easily removed by a special erbium laser. This procedure is painless, moreover, it is very fast and the recovery period is short.

Skin growths can appear on everyone's skin. They can be found virtually everywhere on our body, depending mainly on the skin type. They tend to increase in number with age. There are several basic types of skin protuberances:

  • Fibroma - Ligamentous skin growths similar to freckles, found mainly in the armpit groin and neck areas. They are harmless and only pose an aesthetic complication or may mechanically chafe.
  • Keratoses - Bounded hypertrophy of the top layer of skin. They are grayish brown in colour, they split and get itchy on the surface, but they are harmless.
  • Warts (Verrucas) - infectious viral tumours, most often on the hands and soles of feet, where they can even cause pain. Sometimes, the tubercles are grey, but they can also have the colour of skin.
  • Milia - Small cysts on the face, they are smooth and whitish and vary between 1-2 mm in size. They are small cavities in the skin filled with sebum. They are more frequent for oily skin stypes and are harmless and only pose an aesthetic complication.

Skin growths which worry us for mechanical or aesthetic reasons, can be painlessly removed by the erbium laser. They can also be removed surgically and histologically examined afterwards (a small scar remains after the surgery).

Erbium Laser

Erbium laser evaporates the tissue of the growth by thin layers (in tenths of a millimetre). The result is only a surface wound which is gradually covered by a scab that usually disappears within a week. Its big advantage is the lack of a classic scar after the procedure.

The Course of the Procedure

  • First, you will be examined by the digital dermatoscope
  • The dermatoscope can magnify the growth up to 50 times, and thus reveal whether it is safe to use the erbium laser.
  • The procedure is painless, an anesthetic gel or an injection of local anesthesia can be applied for greater comfort.
  • The laser then gradually slices the growth by a well targeted beam, thus removing it and smoothing the skin surface.
  • Only a surface wound remains which is naturally covered by a scab.
  • The scab usually disappears within a week.

After the Procedure

It is good to know that the treated area must be protected from sunlight even a month or two after the surgery. Winter months are therefore the best period of the year for the procedure.



About Skin Protuberances with Senior Doctor Zloský

The removal of skin protuberances by laser is a common and safe procedure, but even so, you might want to know a but more about it. The most common questions are answered directly by the senior doctor of our laser centre MD Pavel Zloský below.

Do Away with Skin Protuberances Once and for All

A special type of skin protuberances are fibroma. They are formations on the skin like freckles, but go simply removed by laser. Laser removal doesnť take long time and leaves no visible scar.

Used methods

ER: YAG surgical laser

Er: YAG surgical laser

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price list

Erbium laser Price
Initial examination (payed only on the 1st visit) 500 CZK
1 - 2 minor laser procedures 1,900 CZK
3 - 5 minor laser procedures 2,600 - 4,300 CZK
6 - 10 minor laser procedures 4,300 - 6,300 CZK
10 - 20 minor laser procedures 6,300 - 9,900 CZK
20 + minor laser procedures from 10,000 CZK
Surgical removal Price
Initial examination (payed only on the 1st visit) 500 CZK
Minor procedure 2,800 CZK
Medium procedure 2,800 - 4,000 CZK
Major procedure from 6,000 CZK
Histological examination 1 200 CZK
Examination by digital dermatoscope Price
Initial examination 1,200 CZK
Examination 1,200 CZK