Hair loss and sparse or fine hair

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MUDr. Kateřina Fajkošová

Hair loss in the head-centre

Hello, I am 40 year old man living in Germany and have a hair loss in the centre of my head (around 7 cm). Do you treat this?

Anonym, 30. 6. 2024




if there is no growth in the area, I would suggest you look into hair transplat options (our clinic doesn´t provide those). If, on the other hand, what you are experiencing is more of a thinning of hair in the affected area, we could try plasmatherapy to stimulate the growth of the hair. With this treatment we usually suggest 2 - 3 sessions and there is always the interval of about a month inbetween them.


Please don´t hesitate to contact our reception desk in case you have any more questions or you would like to book an appointment.


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