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Skin treatment

I have some minor skin pigmentation possible remove by cold laser how

Jaber , 3. 9. 2013 Answer »

Photofacials/ IPL laser

Do you offer These treatments? I couldnt find any info about this on your site. Thanks!

15. 1. 2013 Answer »

Eye area intervention

Dear Esthe,I have a question as well. It is a bit more complicated to explain but I will give it a try. Basically, I have a naevi that is split between the superior in the inferior parts of my eye. The naevi is not pigmented and both the superior and the inferior eyelids are growing from/near it.Do you think that an intervention is possible in order to remove a protuberance in such a delicate area?Kind regards,Alexandra

Alexandra, 13. 11. 2012 Answer »

beauty marks removal

i want to remove 8 beauty marks...5 of them are really small and flat...and only 2 of them is a bit bigger...none of them are dangerous cause i have done dermatoscope examination in much would be the cost of this removal ..thank you

11. 5. 2012 Answer »

Microdermabrasion / chemical peel to remove acne scars on back

Dear Dr:I suffer from back acne and have been using chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatments in my home country to lighten the acne scars. Do you offer these treatments for the back area and what are the prices please?Thanks.

19. 3. 2012 Answer »

Laser depilation

Hello,I would like to know if the price list of depilations include all treatment.Best regards,Mara Fonseca

Mara Fonseca, 16. 8. 2011 Answer »

Looking for clinic

Dear Esthe:I have two small growths on my face (temple and cheek) that I would like to have removed. Can you perform this service directly or do I need to go to a dermatologist first? Thanks,Matt Hadley

Matthew Hadley, 30. 5. 2011 Answer »

Metacril for facial lipoathrophy

I suffer from facial lipoathrophy secondary to hiv treatment. I had a first treatment with metacril performed in Rio De Janeiro by Dr. Serra. I would require a touch up because the problem was undercorrected. Do you perform this type of treatments? Kind RegardsAndrea La Fratta

Andrea La Fratta, 19. 5. 2011 Answer »

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