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Removal of dark circles and scars of face

Hi, Please can you guide what treatment should I go for as I have some scars on my face and dark circles under my eyes. Which is the best treatment and for how many times do I need to have the treatment for permanent removal of this problem. Waiting for your advice. Thank you.

Anonym, 28. 7. 2020




We do offer several laser procedures for fixing the appearance of scars (for ex. the fractional laser: and which one to use is always decided based on a personal consultation. As for the dark circles under your eyes, it is hard to say whether we could help you with your problem at our clinic but if the circles are caused by the shadow in the eye socket area this can usually be fixed with the application of a dermal filler. Please bear in mind though that the fillers are not a permanent solution as the effect usually lasts for 6-12 months. The cost of the Teosyal Redensity Eyes (1 ml) is 7 900 CZK. The price of the initial examination is 500 CZK.

You can book an appointment by contacting our reception at or by calling the number 224 423 151.


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