In 1999, I fell head over heels 'in love' with lasers and their use in dermatology. When an experienced doctor works with the immense energy that a laser represents, it becomes an absolutely invaluable tool. The result of the treatment is so precise and perfect that no human hand could ever achieve it.
MD Hana Raková, MBA


Hana Raková is an extraordinary woman. Beautiful, educated, intelligent, hardworking, capable, entrepreneurial, and sporty, she is also incredibly elegant, kind, generous, and humane. I would be the happiest if I could come and see her at Esthé every month. 
Zuzana Stránská

MD Hana Raková, MBA

Founder, the heart and soul of the entire clinic. In the first eight years of her medical career, she worked as an ENT doctor and also completed three internships in Sweden. She ultimately found and achieved fulfilment and success in the field of aesthetic medicine. Here, she is a recognized expert in the eyes of both colleagues and clients. She is a member of several professional medical societies, including, among others, the European Laser Association. Actively contribuiting, you can find her as an author or co-author in more than 30 publications

In 1990 MD Hana Raková began to delve into the field of aesthetic medicine while also working in the field of plastic surgery. In 1997, she co-founded the private clinic Esthé with Doc. MD Jan Měšťák, CSc. At this clinic she served as the director and concurrently as the head physician of the laser department. In 1999, she started focusing on laser therapies. She continued to deepen her specialisation to the extent that she decided not only to expand the department but to transform it into a separate clinic for dermatology and laser medicine. And so, in 2008, Esthé - klinika estetické medicíny was established. 


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Dr. Hana Raková is the alpha and omega of Esthé. She has set the entire clinic's concept based on knowledge, experience, and respect for the human body and its natural appearance. Take a look at the entire portfolio of services.



Education and Work Experience

  • 1980–1986

    Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University (UK)

  • 1986–1989ENT Clinic, Faculty Hospital in Královské Vinohrady (FVL UK)
  • 1989–1993

    ENT Clinic, Faculty Hospital in Královské Vinohrady (FVL UK)

  • 19901st board certification in ENT
  • 1993

    2nd board certification in ENT

  • 1993–1997

    Team of plastic surgeons led by Doc. MUDr. Jan Měšťák, CSc.

  • 1994board certification in corrective dermatology
  • 2002–2009

    Open university MBA

  • 1997

    Private clinic Esthé, Co-owner and Director, Head Physician of the laser department

  • 2008–2023Esthé - klinika estetické medicíny, a.s., Owner and Head Physician
  • 2024

    Esthé - klinika estetické medicíny, a.s., Head Physician



  • 2010Finalist in the Manager of the Year competition
  • 2012Finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year competition
  • 2018

    Czech Businesswomen Award, 2nd place in the Small Company category