A new generation of non-invasive facial lifting. This is the first device of its kind to be used in facial complexion and scalp treatment. It is particularly suitable for eliminating the double chin effect.

How does it work?

The Sygmalift device combines three technologies in order to reach the goal of a young and harmonious looking face.

1) The first step consists in the disruption of fat cell membranes by fractional focal ultrasound and in the subsequent stimulation of secretion of the resulting unwanted substances. This non-invasive procedure effectively transforms your facial contours and restores its harmonious appearance by shaping the chin, jaw line and tightening the nasolabial folds.

2) In the second step, the Multi Flux ultrasound acts on the elasticity of collagen. It increases the elasticity of the skin, remodels your chin and tightens the area around the eyes.

3) The final step consists in using a cold laser to accelerate the healing process of the skin and tp stimulate the formation of collagen. This procedure results in a radiant, younger-looking complexion.


  • Increased elasticity of complexion
  • Reshaped facial contours
  • Stimulation of the collagen production

The system affects

  • The chin and jaw lines
  • Eye Contours
  • Complexion (its glow, firmness and rejuvenation)

The benefits of Sygmalift therapy

  • Anaesthesia-free procedure, no postoperative pain, bruises or swelling
  • No risk of postoperative skin and subcutaneous tissue unevennesses
  • No sagging skin
  • Immediate return to normal life

The treatment is suitable also for the correction of skin unevennesses after surgical liposuction of a double chin.

Number of sessions: 6-10, once a week
Risk: The device is designed for risk-free operation


Price list

1 procedure of the forehead, the under-eye area - rejuvenation 1,500 CZK
1 procedure of the under-eye area - rejuvenation addition 1,000 CZK
1 procedure of __the under-chin or cheeks area - lipolysis 1,500 CZK
1 procedure of the whole face - rejuvenation 1,900 CZK
A special offer subscription for 6 or 9 treatment

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