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Botox and Peeling/filler

Hello. What treatment you can make for the face. I am a man age 66 but I used to make Botix and filler for the last 6 years. Do you have any treatment for the neck to look better ? Thank you

Alsharhan, 31. 1. 2014


Dear Alsharhan,


the best option to recommend treatment for You is to be able to examine Your skin.


We have more options, even for neck, like for example fotorejuvenation, or mesoteraphy. Both of them are totally different.

Laser have lifting effect and mesoteraphy is microinjection of hyaluronic acid  for hydratation and anti-age.


You are very welcomed to our clinic in the centre of Prague.

Each client is checked up first, so doctor can examine and find the best option for You.


Have a nice day!

Best regards,


Dr. Kubátová


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