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Diamond Vacuum Microdermabrasion Combined with Laser Mask

Hello, I am interested on Diamond Vacuum Microdermabrasion Combined with Laser Mask, can you please tell me the benefits about it? My skin is combination to oily,with very visible pores, and black points,I have dome acne marks from my teen age which is not so no nice, is this treatment the perfect one for me?

Anonym, 19. 10. 2013




it´s hard to recommend the treatment this way.

Each skin is different and it´s important to choose the best individual therapy for You.


The diamond microdermabrasion is a gentle abrasion of the top skin layer, together with laser mask makes very refreshing combination for the skin with pores and irregularities, especially after the summer.

The best solution for You to do at first is a consult with a doctor, who will indicate optimal treament for You.


You are more than welcomed in our linic in the centre od Prague.


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