Hair treatment office

Improvement of all ailments connected with partial or complete hair loss. Our facility has a range of available methods such as the local treatment, in-depth laser treatment, hair mesotherapy or plasmatherapy.

Hair Loss Affects Both Men and Women

For both men and women hair is a very important feature of their physical attractiveness. Our hair represents us in our surroundings no less than our face and its partial or total loss is therefore a great handicap in our everyday lives. 80 percent of women and men experience some problem with their hair or scalp. Using diagnostic methods, a suitable treatment can be determined for most of these problems. However, the treatment is time-consuming and complex.

Hair grows in cycles, alternating between active and passive growth phases. A daily hair loss of 80-120 is considered standard. This is a number of hairs that are naturally renewed. If the daily hair loss is higher, the hair starts to get thinner. With age, the active phase of hair growth (anagen) gradually shortens, which causes the thinning of hair in old age. However, hair can start thinning in earlier age. One of the causes may be hormonal imbalance, but hair loss may also accompany some internal diseases and stress can also play a significant role in it. The quality and amount of hair are genetically determined.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are several causes of hair loss. These include for example the impacts of stress factors, surgery, weight loss and hormonal imbalance.

By far the most common disease causing hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. The hormone level usually stays within the norm, but hair follicles are slightly more sensitive to androgens, which leads to hair loss not dissimilar to that which men experience. Unlike men, women rarely end up having bald patches and the line of hair above the forehead is usually maintained. Nevertheless, there are many other causes of thinning hair.

Generally, we can disthinguish hair loss into two groups, the so called alopecia areata, in which hair starts to fall out in smaller areas and usually leads to the creation of small circular bald patches, and diffuse hair loss.

Intial Consultation

Prior to the commencement of the treatment, it is necessary to attend a consultation with the doctor who will decide on the optimal solution of the patient's problems on the basis of anamnestic information.

In most cases, a dermatological clinical examination is sufficient for the determination of the diagnosis. In some cases, a laboratory examination, other clinical examinations, or even biopsy (i.e. a collection of a sample for microscopic examination) have to be carried out to make the diagnosis more accurate. After the medical examination, a treatment proposal is presented which in most cases leads to the termination of hair loss, the renewal of the growth cycle and the improvement of the quality of damaged hair. The treatment is long and complex.

At our clinic, we have the latest available methods such as local treatment, in-depth laser treatment by biostimulation laser, application of one's own plasma and last but not least, the so called hair mesotherapy– the application of nutrients for the support of hair growth to the scalp.

Used methods

Hair Mesotherapy

Revitacare HAIRCARE Hair Mesotherapy

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Biostimulation laser Medelisol

High performance LED lamp for anti-aging photomodulation and photodynamic therapy

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Price list

Hair Treatment Office Price
Price of initial examination 500 CZK
TrichoTest 6,000 CZK
Hair mesotherapy 2,600 CZK
Hair mesotherapy - Subscription for 5 procedures 11,750 CZK
Hair mesotherapy - Subscription for 10 procedures 20,000 CZK
Hair biostimulation  700 CZK
Hair biostimulation - Subscription for 5 procedures 3,000 CZK
Hair biostimulation - Subscription for 6 procedures 3,500 CZK
Hair biostimulation - Subscription for 10 procedures 5,000 CZK
Plasma Therapy Regen ACR 7,400 CZK
Subscription for 2 procedures of the hair area 12,900 CZK
Subscription for 3 procedures of the hair area 19,200 CZK