laser gel mask

Laser gel maskcombines the effects of laser therapy and bicarbonate gel. The combination of these two methods gives rise to an exceptional biostimulační and regenerative effect on the treated skin.

The effects of the laser gel mask:

  • deeply cleanses the skin
  • regenerates the skin

The gel deeply cleanses and moisturises the skin. The gel mask contains the so-called bicarbonate ions which naturally occur in the body and are therefore non-toxic. The bio-stimulative laser causes the transformation of these ions into free carbon dioxide, whose micro-particles are involved in deep pore cleansing. When carbon dioxide comes into contact with the skin, the so called micro-greenhouse effect occurs, in which the surface tissue is gently heated. The result is better blood circulation in the superficial tissues, increase in cell metabolism and support of blood vessel regeneration. The final effect is a very powerful skin regeneration.

How is laser treatment through gel mask administered?

Gel mask is most often applied on the face. It can also be applied on the neck, décolletage and backs of hands. It is necessary to cleanse the skin by a lotion prior to the application. It is applied in a thin layer on the treated area which is thereafter exposed for 15-20 minutes to light source. What follows is the removal of the mask and the final treatment of the skin.

When do the effects of the treatment present themselves?

A favourable effect is noticeable already after the first application. A smoothing of fine wrinkles, tightening of enlarged pores and an effect of overall healthier and younger skin appearance is achieved. Repeated application acts as a prevention of the formation and development of wrinkles due to the tightening of the skin and the formation of collagen in the skin.

How often can I undergo the treatment?

It is recommended that at least one session per month should be undergone as a maintenance therapy. In case of intensive laser mask treatment one session per week for one month is recommended.


price list

Laser moisturizing and regenerating gel mask Price
face or décolletage (30 mins) 490 CZK
face, neck and décolletage (30 mins) 790 CZK


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