Laser Hair Removal

You can spend the rest of your life with a razor blade, razor or depilatory cream, however you can get rid of your unwanted hair in a much more comfortable way using our high-performance medical laser GentleLase. It is one of three models, which are approved by the FDA (Federal Office for Drug Control in the USA) for permanent hair removal. The laser is also equipped with dynamic cooling which increases the comfort of the procedure. Laser hair removal is based on planar and uniform radiation produced by laser light, which targets and destroys the pigmented part of the hair germ.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser beam targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle of the growing hair and the heat moves all the way to the hair bulb (root) and destroys it. The hair follicle is connected to the bulb only in the growth stage of the hair. The hairs do not grow all at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the procedure, so that all the hairs are destroyed during their growing phase. The best results are often achieved with dark hairs. The effect on gray and white hairs is limited since laser cannot remove hairs that do not contain pigment.

What body areas is it suitable for?

Any part of the skin can be treated by this laser procedure. Most often, it is the face, armpits, groin, legs, and bikini. It is not only women who undergo laser hair removal, but also men who want to get rid of hair on the back or chest. 

The course of the procedure

The laser hair removal procedure in Esthé starts with a non-binding consultation with a doctor who will inform you of the course of the procedure, the possibilities of the method and its potential risks. The duration of the procedure is individual. It depends on the treated area and the intensity of hair. To get an idea, the hair removal of upper lip requires 5 minutes, hair removal of each forearm takes about 60 minutes and hair removal of bikini about 50 minutes.

What care should be devoted to the treated area after the procedure?

Immediately after the treatment, it is necessary to protect the treated area for a few days against mechanical irritation and to treat it as recommended by the doctor. If you thoroughly observe sun protection instructions, some body parts can be epilated even in summer. To increase comfort of the hair removal procedure, a special cream can be used which desensitises the skin in the given area.

How long does the effect of laser hair removal last?

In contrast to earlier methods, the GentleLase laser hair removal delivers long-term to permanent hair removal in the treated skin areas. Therefore, the GentleLase laser was also approved by FDA (Federal office for drug control in the USA) as a laser for permanent hair removal.


Used methods

Candela GentleLase

Candela GentleLase is an alexandrite laser designed to remove unwanted hair.

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Price list

Laser hair removal prices are approximate and calculated for the standard density of hairs in the given area. The application of the anaesthetic cream, if it is preferred by the client, is already included in the price.

Laser hair removal Price from
Upper lip 750 CZK
Chin 1,450 CZK
Between eyebrows 420 CZK
Eyebrows correction 1,300 CZK
Cheeks 2,200 CZK
Beard area 3,400 CZK
Shoulders 2, 600 CZK
Armpits 2,600 CZK
Arms 5,200 CZK
Back of hand 1,700 CZK
Area around nipples 1,300 CZK
Back 9,100 CZK
Lower abdomen 3,000 CZK
Line of hair under the belly button 1,300 CZK
Bikini line 2,400 CZK
Bikini line + armpits 4,200 CZK
Brasil epilation (whole bikini) 4,200 CZK
Tighs 9,100 CZK
Buttocks 3,800 CZK
Calves 6,500 CZK
Auricle 1,300 CZK
Side curls 1,100 CZK