Apart from medicine, I have always been fascinated by technology and computers. Perhaps that's why I am also interested in lasers. As an ENT doctor, I perform surgical procedures of the head and neck, for which a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of these areas is essential, just like for the application of botulinum toxin and fillers.

MD Petr Jirák

He has been a part of our medical team for over 13 years. Simultaneously, he serves as the head of the ENT and Head and Neck Surgery department at Na Homolce Hospital. Within the ENT field, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea syndrome (SAS), temporomandibular joint issues, endoscopic FESS operations, and the diagnosis and therapy of salivary gland diseases. Throughout his career, he continually educates himself in his field and shares his experiences as an educator.

He practices aesthetic dermatology  for the sheer joy of it, so to speak. Additionally, he is interested in lasers, which he utilizes in various treatments. Besides corrective dermatology, he focuses on the removal of skin growths, either surgically or with the use of the Erbium laser.


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MUDr. Petr Jirák is a prominent specialist in the field of ENT, and he responds to your queries in the advice column. Do you have any questions you would like to ask?


Dr. Jirák introduces the laser hair removal

Education and Work Experience

  • 1999

    Graduation from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (LF UK)

  • 2001

    Medical Healthcom s.r.o., physician specializing in phoniatrics and ENT

  • 2001+

    Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at Na Homolce Hospital, initially as a physician, chief physician, and since 2014, serving as the head of the department

  • 2003

    Board certification in ENT, 1st Degree

  • 2006–2011

    Teaching medical students – Lectures on Oncology in ENT for students at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, as part of the Oncology course

  • 2007 Board certification in ENT
  • 2010+

    Esthé - Klinika estetické medicíny, a.s.

  • 2013

    Examination for the chief physician's license in the field of ENT