In Uganda, I learned that a well-taken medical history and careful clinical examination, which practically only require your senses, provide you with enough information to make decisions. In contrast, in the Czech Republic, a series of unnecessary examinations and procedures are often performed, which can even harm the patient. Therefore, in each case, I always listen to my intuition and experience, and I seek an individual approach to finding solutions.


MD Petr Sukalovský

Over more than 20 years, Dr. Sukalovský has amassed experience with various surgical methods literally across continents. He focuses on abdominal cavity organ surgery, primarily in laparoscopic form. He dedicates himself to oncological surgeries and endoscopy, placing great emphasis on post-operative patient care. Throughout his medical career, he has completed several wartime missions in Africa, performing complex surgical procedures often in very demanding conditions.

Dr Sukalovský is an experienced and empathetic proctologist. In the sensitive area of the rectum, just as in surgery, he gives preference to the gentlest procedures available. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, cysts, and fistulas, he uses a high-performance laser, which means only a minor intervention for the body, thus leading to a more pleasant recovery.


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At our clinic Dr. Sukalovský focuses on minimally invasive proctology. He addresses the removal of hemorrhoids, fistulas, and perianal abscesses using a laser, and treats anal fissures with botulinum toxin application. See how he responds to the clients´ queries in our FAQ section.


Education and Work Experience

  • 1992–1998 Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University
  • 2000–2002District Hospital Jindřichův Hradec, Physician
  • 2002–2008

    Surgical Clinic of IPVZ and 1st Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Bulovka, Prague, Physician, General and Oncological Surgery, Head of Postoperative Department

  • 2007

    Board certification in Surgery

  • 2009–2010

    Poliklinika Codum s.r.o., Prague, Physician, General Surgery

  • 2009–2010

    PP Hospitals, Brandýs nad Labem Hospital, Physician

  • 2010–2011

    St. Charles Lwanga Hospital, Buikwe, Uganda, Superintendent

  • 2012–2014

    Touchwell Ltd Pty, Affiliated to Bokamoso Hospital, Gaborone, Botswana, Private Surgical Practice

  • 2014–2018

    Clinicum a.s., Prague, Physician, Surgery and Proctology

  • 2018

    MSF Holland, South Sudan, Physician, War and Acute General Surgery

  • 2018

    MSF France, Yemen, Physician, War and Acute General Surgery

  • 2015+

    University Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague, Physician, Acute Surgery

  • 2019–2024Clinicum a.s., Prague, Physician, Surgery and Proctology
  • 2024+

    Esthé - Klinika estetické medicíny, a.s., Laser Proctology