Performing procedures that positively impact the overall aesthetics of the face, such as the application of mesothreads or dermal fillers, is my favourite part of working at Esthé. Being part of the clinic makes me very happy. The professional management  and the friendly atmosphere, not only towards clients but also within the team, only strengthen this joy.

MD Tereza Rytířová

She has been working with us at the clinic since 2017. She specializes in laser procedures and corrective dermatology, providing practically the entire portfolio of offered services. Clients particularly appreciate her friendly approach and outstanding precision in injection methods.

Dr. Rytířová also enjoys furthering her education in new techniques for filler applications, learning from both Czech and international instructors. For example, in 2022, she attended a workshop on the latest techniques of hyaluronic acid application for advanced physicians, led by the renowned expert Dr. Raúl Cetto, and participated in the educational congress IMCAS in Paris.


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Dr. Rytířová specializes in a full range of our aesthetic services. Take a look at how she performs the V-beam laser skin rejuvenation.


Dr. Rytířová answers all your questions about the botulinum toxin


Education and Work Experience

  • 2014

    Undergraduate studies at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Graduation at the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

  • 2014–2018

    MEDENT - Dentist specializing in microscopic endodontics

  • 2017+

    Esthé - Klinika estetické medicíny, a.s.

  • 2018+Dentido s. r. o. in Ústí nad Labem, own practice


Selection of courses

  • 2017

    VIVACY Theory and injection technique - Stylage 

  • 2017

    Innovative injection training - Doublyx, Jalor 

  • 2017

    Workshop on the Application of Meso Threads

  • 2017

    Medical training on aesthetic management and injection technique with hyaluronic acid - Teoxane

  • 2021

    Workshop on Practical Applications of Dermal Fillers - Teosyal 

  • 2022

    Workshop on the Latest Techniques of Hyaluronic Acid Application for Advanced Physicians

  • 2022

    Participation in the educational Congress IMCAS, Paris