Stretch Marks Removal by StretchCare Mesotherapy

When our abdomen, breasts or muscles suddenly increase in size over a short period of time or when we quickly lose weight, our skin may respond to this by forming stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by the thinning of skin and the rupture of elastic fibres. Stretch marks are initially pink to purple in colour and they fade with time. The sooner after the formation of stretch marks you contact professionals who know how to treat them, the better the results. Women who suffer from stretch marks after pregnancy have to wait until they stop breastfeeding.

Techniques for stretch mark removal

Unfortunately, stretch marks cannot be removed completely, we can however significantly improve their appearance. Apart from StetchCare mesotherapy, to reduce stretch marks at Esthé clinic we use the V-beam pulsed dye laser, fractional CO2 laser and eTwo/eMatrix radiofrequency which remodels the skin and promotes the formation of new collagen fibres and positively affects light stretch marks, for example on breasts.

The composition and effects of StretchCare mesotherapy

The StretchCare mesotherapeutic solution contains dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), hyaluronic acid (HA), vitamin B5, copper and zinc.

HA moisturizes the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. DMAE reduces and thins stretch marks as it tightens damaged collagen fibres. All ingredients of the preparation lead to the tightening and reduction of stretch marks and to the unification of their colour with the surrounding skin.

The course of the StretchCare procedure

The StretchCare solution is applied by thin needles to the dermis into a depth of 1-3 mm. The procedure is only minimally painful. We apply a different dose of the preparation to every person depending on the type of the treated skin, its damage and the size of the treated area. We recommend to undergo 4 procedures in the first month, after which just one application per month will suffice.

The causes of stretch marks

Heredity plays a role in the formation of stretch marks. Women suffer from stretch marks during pregnancy, sometimes during adolescence. For men, they may be the result of rapid growth during adolescence or rapid muscle increase during intense workout. For both women and men, stretch marks can be caused by significant fluctuations in weight or the use of corticosteroids.


price list

Stretch marks removal by StretchCare mesotherapy  
2-3 ml mesotherapy (buttocks, thighs) 5,200 CZK
subscription of 3 procedures - 2-3 ml mesotherapy (buttocks, thighs) 14,700 CZK
5 ml mesotherapy (abdomen, breasts) 5,900 CZK
subscription of 3 procedures - 5 ml mesotherapy (buttocks, thighs) 16,000 CZK