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How to do it?

It is very simple. In 4 easy steps the gift voucher is immediately yours.

  • Order the voucher here. Choose the amount (at minimum 1 500 CZK) and the design of the voucher. You can also write a dedication to the recipient.
  • Right away you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail address with the payment details and with a voucher you can print.
  • The payment is done to our bank account. As soon as we receive the money the voucher becomes active and is ready for use. 
  • You can gift the voucher as soon as you receive it to your e-mail address. Before the recipient books an appointment for the treatment the voucher becomes active. Therefore, you can also buy it at the last minute. Just don´t forget to pay for it :)

All there is left to do is for the recipient to book an appointment and show the voucher before the payment.

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