Candela V-Beam

V-Beam is a pulsed-dye laser used for the treatment of most skin imperfections, such as brown pigmentation, rosacea, scars, post-operative bruises, veins on the nose and wrinkles.

The V-Beam laser generates laser energy pulses at a wavelength of 595nm which pass through the dermis and the epidermis and are absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood vessels more than by the surrounding tissue. The absorbed laser energy is converted into heat in the tissue causing coagulation of irradiated blood vessels, which  do not subsequently restore themselves. The used wavelength of the pulse is long enough to enable the controlled coagulation, but short enough to avoid thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. The laser causes the overheating of blood vessels which subsequently collapse. Some skin procedures may require more than one session in order to completely remove the imperfection. As a side effect, swelling and redness may occur, which usually subside after a week.

The V-Beam device uses a system of dynamic cooling DCD from the Candela brand. This ensures a controlled release of a dose of cryogen– in order to relieve pain – onto the skin of the patient, which is followed by a laser discharge a few milliseconds later.