Tired of your old tattoo? We have a solution!

Did you know that tattoo removal by laser is painless, not so expensive and that Winter is the ideal time for the procedure?


Liquid facelift is non invasive form of the skin rejuvenation.This is the application of hyaluronic acid into the dermis where it starts creation of the collagen. The procedure is also painless and the effect lasts for up to two years.

Try the new method of varicose vein removal!

Are you bothered by varicose veins? We have a solution! The new Clarivein method is very effective, fast and gentle.

Get rid of excessive perspiration

Now sale 1000 CZK for each treatment for excessive perspiration

Anti-wrinkle laser

Did you know that you can fight wrinkles not only with lotions or botox, but also with laser? What's more, it is painless!

Do Not Be Afraid of Skin Projections

Skin projections or fibromas are not dangerous but can be little bit unpleasant. Fortunately, they can be removed without pain at Esthé.

Tattoo Removal? Not a problem at Esthé!

Do you have a tattoo that you could happily go without? At Esthé we will take care of that and remove it once and for all!

Laser as a Way to Youthful Appearance

Would you like to give a more youthful impression? Would you like to regain your lost self-confidence? In order not to let fear from wrinkles make you stop smiling and still look younger, take advantage of the CO2 laser treatment of wrinkles in the so-called perioral area (i.e. around the mouth).

5 points of summer skincare

The summer is coming, with the first official day of summer drawing near, and we start to think about what we could do for our health and skin. As far as skin care in the summer is concerned, it pays off to get advice from nutritional experts. Even our skin is nourished by the food we take in and the hydration we provide it. We present to you five tips on how to...

10 tips how to get rid of sweating

The evening bath is a commonplace activity for most of us today, but in the morning a lot of us get dressed with our eyes still sticky and head to work. This is wrong. Our body sweats during the night as well, and therefore you should not skip the shower, even in the morning. Firstly, the refreshment comes in handy and secondly, you will get rid of night sweat, which could...

The biggest myths and lies about acne

How many times have you spared yourself the pleasure of chocolate for fear of being afflicted with a great deal of pimples? Do you avoid decorative cosmetics in order to prevent the worsening of your problems? Leave your prejudices behind and come with us to take a look at the biggest myths and lies about acne. If you ask your friends, you will find that up to 100 % of them have...