Would you like to get a more youthful impression? Would you like to regain your lost self-confidence? In order not to let fear from wrinkles make you stop smiling and still look younger, take advantage of the CO2 laser treatment of wrinkles in the so-called perioral area (i.e. around the mouth).

What is CO2 laser?

This type of laser has already been used for 25 years for skin rejuvenation procedures. However, this does not mean that it is an outdated method of skin treatment! Quite the opposite, during this period the technology has been clinically tested and further developed. The goal of the CO2 laser treatment is to achieve the best possible results in a non-invasive way. Thanks to fractional technology (distribution of the beam into many small points) the risk of damage to the skin is minimized to the least possible extent.

How should I prepare myself if I decide for laser treatment?

Basic examination and consultation with a specialist precedes the procedure. The specialist will assess the suitability of the use of laser light on your skin and estimate the extent of the treatment. Anaesthetic cream is applied on the skin before the treatment, which minimizes the discomfort from the laser beams' contact with the skin. After the procedure you may feel a slight burning sensation on the skin, but it should not be more  intense than skin irritation caused by sun rays. Photoprotection in the form of sun avoidance and the use of sunscreen with a strong SPF is recommended for a few weeks after the procedure. The entire process can be complemented according to your needs by mesotherapy, for instance, which will further intensify the effect. As you can see in the image below, the result is worth it.

How will I look after the treatment?

The procedure accomplishes smoothing of the skin surface, reduction of wrinkles and unification of skin pigmentation. Unlike other, invasive methods of wrinkle reduction, laser does not affect facial expressions and the result is therefore very natural. Thanks to modern achievements of medicine, your path to youthful appearance is even easier than you might have thought.

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