Has it ever happened to you that you discovered annoying sweat stains right after returning from a walk in the park, which absolutely thwarted your enjoyment from it? Even though you think you are alone in this, you are not. Almost everyone has experienced excessive perspiration at some point in life. An excess of secreted sweat accompanies some internal diseases; women often encounter it while undergoing hormonal changes during menopause, for instance. Moreover, in winter we have to confront excessive perspiration much more often. We wrap ourselves in layers of impermeable clothes and therefore sweat more than usual. Solving this problem is a very pressing topic for all of us, especially when the temperature in winter varies more and more.

What is sweating and why is it useful?

You might think: Why could we not eliminate this annoying element completely from our lives? Unfortunately not, because sweating is an important mechanism of our body. It is the primary means of regulating our body temperature. It is a natural manifestation of our organism in situations such as when fighting a disease. Through sweat, waste substances, but also minerals which have to be continually replaced such as when you play sports or go to the sauna, are eliminated from the body. Imminent dehydration may be a serious complication of extreme sweating. So whenever you go to the sauna or the gym, bring water with you and continually refill your fluids during breaks!

How can I get rid of unpleasant sweating?

Excessive sweating which has no obvious cause can be a very unpleasant problem. People afflicted by it often sweat heavily but only in certain areas (armpits, palms, soles). Such sweating can seriously complicate your social life. But do not despair, modern medicine knows an effective solution - botulinum toxin, which can effectively deal with perspiration!

However, sweating can not be reduced "centrally" throughout the entire body. There is no magic pill which will make you sweat less. Nevertheless, a solution exists. Locally, in smaller areas such as palms or armpits, the sweat gland activity can be significantly reduced by the application of botulinum toxin.

How does the procedure work?

First of all, set aside about 15 minutes in your diary which is the approximate length of the procedure. You do not have to worry about feeling any pain during this procedure. We will apply a numbing anaesthetic cream on the treated area and then we will insert botulinum toxin into the skin through tiny needles. You must have heard about this substance and its remedial effects on wrinkles. It can also perfectly block the function of sweat glands. The effect presents itself within 2 days after which the applied substance spreads into a larger area of ​​other parts of the skin. You will be able to enjoy dry shirts without sweat stains for about 7-12 months, then you will have to visit us again and repeat the procedure.