Our highly-experienced doctors know how to rejuvenate your face in order to make it look as natural as possible. If you have lost volume in the upper parts of your face, you are going to find liquid facelift a much preferred procedure to surgical facelift which cannot restore volume to the face. Another advantage of liquid facelift (or hyaluronic acid filler) are the long-term effects of the treatment.


In young age the skin is fresh and hydrated. Due to ageing, the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases. The loss of elasticity leads to the slackening of tissue and to the formation of wrinkles. It is therefore necessary to help the skin to reverse this process.

A face in youth resembles a triangle standing on one of its tips, with increasing age it is gradually turning into a triangle standing on the base:


  • Lift individual facial regions
  • Strengthen and restore the natural contours of the face
  • Remove nasolabial folds, droopy corners, wrinkles above the upper lip
  • Highlight cheekbones and add volume to the face
  • Remove dark circles under eyes

The Course of the Procedure

40 minutes prior to surgery we apply a desensitizing cream on the face. During the procedure we apply different types of fillers on hyaluronic acid basis into the upper, middle and deep layers of the skin. We use only the highest quality preparations such as Restylane or Teosyal.

The selection of the most appropriate preparations and their application depends on the nature of wrinkles, age, and skin condition. We smooth wrinkles under eyes by fine injections into the skin surface. We apply thicker fillers to fill in deep wrinkles.


You can undergo the liquid facelift procedure with a calm mind just a week before an important event. In the course of a single procedure, we will remove wrinkles, fill in the sunken parts of the face and lift up the drooping ones, add up volume to the face and improve skin hydration. The result is visible immediately.

Shortly after the procedure, some people may experience minor bruises, swelling or redness, but you can apply make-up right after the surgery and all unpleasant manifestations of the procedure will subside within 2-4 days. After about a week, the effects will be even more noticeable and they will last for up to 2 years.


The price of the procedure depends on the amount and type of the used material. It is in the range of 4,600 and 8,400 CZK.

Try liquid facelift, a rejuvenation procedure using fillers - not only does it rejuvenate the skin, but it also hydrates it.

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