Skin protuberances are a source of frustration for almost every one of us. They are small formations of diverse type and origin. They are not dangerous and can be painlessly removed by laser. When we decide for their removal, most of us are guided by aesthetic or practical reasons.

What are skin protuberances and how can we recognize them?

Fibroma represents one type of skin protuberances. These skin formations are of a reddish colour and noticeably resemble freckles. They can appear all over the body. They are most bothersome for example in the armpits or in the lines of underwear, where they can uncomfortably chafe. For aesthetic reasons, they are particularly undesirable in the facial area and décolletage.

Why are skin protuberances formed?

There are more causes for the formation of skin protuberances, but genetic cause is the most common one and cannot be prevented in advance. Another cause may be the lack of certain vitamins and elements in our body. These are vitamins A, C, E and elements such as selenium and zinc. Most often our body is trying to tell us that something is out of balance.

Laser removal – painless and safe

Consulting with your doctor is highly important. After an expert examination he or she will choose the most appropriate method of removal. Harmless skin protuberances can be safely removed by erbium laser. Its biggest advantage, however, is that this surgery is painless. For greater comfort, desensitizing cream can be applied as well.

What is the removal like?

  • Erbium laser acts on the protuberance with its well targeted beam which will not come into contact with the surrounding skin.
  • As a result of the laser beam's action, the skin protuberance gradually disappears layer by layer until it is completely smoothed out.
  • Only a small flat wound remains after the procedure, which will naturally get covered by a scab and will usually disappears within a week.
  • You will have no memory of the protuberance after the procedure as no visible scar will form in its place.
  • The treated area only needs to be protected from direct sunlight for about 1-2 months.

Laser removal of skin protuberances is quick, painless and relatively inexpensive. Therefore, entrust yourself to the hands of experts at Esthé.