The tattoo removal procedure is performed at Esthé Laser Clinic using a unique laser. This laser method is painless and comfortable. Winter is the ideal time for the procedure as there is no danger of your skin being exposed to sunshine afterwards.

No pain

Your tattoo will be removed with a special laser. It penetrates all the skin layers where the tattoo dye is deposited and breaks it down into miniature particles your body can easily get rid of, usually by forming a scab. Before the procedure itself we apply an anaesthetic cream so that you feel no pain. You should avoid sunshine after the procedure which makes autumn the ideal time for it.


Alex will take care of it

Not only will it be our professional doctor staff removing your tattoo at Esthé, but they will use a professional alexandrite laser for this purpose. There are only three such devices in the Czech Republic. The Alex laser does not damage the adjacent tissue surrounding the tattoo which makes it very effective yet gentle.

With your own eyes

You will see for yourself that tattoo removal really works. In case of smaller tattoos, one session should suffice. With the bigger ones the procedure needs to be repeated and in that case price will be agreed on an individual basis.



Money money money

The prices are between 2,300 to 5,600 Czech crowns. This might seem like quite an investment, but it is definitely worth it from the long term perspective. Tattoo removal can for example improve your career prospects in case a tattoo is not compatible with your desired job.

It is always better to pay more for quality. Our medical team and our equipment are professional which means there is no danger of any health complications after the procedure.