Rejuvenation of the skin of the face and décolletage

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MUDr. Gabriela Mrzlenová


What do you offer for treatment of loose skin in chin-neck area(double chin,but more bc of loose skin)? Laser? Kybella? Is possible combination of more treatments in 1 visit? Botox glabella, double chin treatment, lip augmentation?

Anonym, 31. 3. 2022


Dear Michaela,


for this area I recommend the application of mesothreads but it I would have to see you in person to establish whether the procedure would produce the desired effect in your case. As for doing it all in one session, it would really depend on you since you might still experience some discomfort during the treatment despite the application of the anaesthetic cream before starting with the applications.  

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Kind regards,

MUDr. Gabriela Mrzenová


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