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Rhinoplasty scars removal

Hello , I had open rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and I have some visible scars on my nostrils that I want to remove with laser . Can I treat them at your clinic and when should I book my first session ? Thank you .

Mihaela , 14. 4. 2022


Dear Mihaela,


the laser treatment that you can start with 6 weeks after the procedure is the biostimulation which promotes healing. Any other laser procedure meant to minimize the appearance of your scars can be performed only after your nose is completely healed. Given that you have to protect the area from the sun after most of the procedures I would suggest you start with the scar removal in autumn. Please bear in mind that no scar can be completely removed, we can just diminish their visibility. 


Kind regards,

MUDr. Pavel Zloský 


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