Birthmarks and Moles

We perform an examination using the digital dermatoscope to diagnose birthmarks and moles. This examination shows the pigment structures of the the skin in large magnification to assess whether they are dangerous or suspicious. We use different kinds of lasers or perform a surgery procedure in order to remove them.

Dermatoscopic examination as an effective method of prevention

At our clinic, we are able to provide comprehensive skin care services from diagnostics, treatment, to subsequent consultation concerning skin diseases. The examination is performed by a method called digital dermatoscopy.

Many different pigment manifestations may occur on the skin, the vast majority of which are completely harmless. Some types of naevi may undergo changes that indicate a danger. The sooner these changes are revealed and the naevus is adequately removed, the greater the chance for permanent cure. The search for potential tumour deposits and their removal before the emergence of the real problem is a very effective prevention method. If some of your birthmarks or moles appear suspicious (itch, change its shape or size), there is nothing easier than to visit a specialist who will examine you and help you choose a suitable solution.

Removal of birthmarks and moles

We normally use the alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755 nm to remove regular moles. Accurately aimed laser beam breaks down pigment into small particles, which are subsequently washed away from the body. Alexandrite laser is a solution for senile freckles and other unwanted pigmentation (eg. dark scars, etc.).

Dome-shaped pigmented moles are removed by erbium laser. Its beam gradually evaporates the individual layers of the mole. A small wound appears, which heals by forming a scab. Larger moles can be removed under local anaesthesia by excision. The excised formation is subsequently sent for histological analysis.

The best time for the removal of birthmarks and moles is in the autumn and winter months. The pain is bearable, but at the request of a client, we can of course use local anaesthesia.


Do Not Be Afraid of Skin Projections

Skin projections or fibromas are not dangerous but can be little bit unpleasant. Fortunately, they can be removed without pain at Esthé.

Used methods

Alex TriVantage Candela

Alex TriVantage is an alexandrite laser designed for the removal of tattoos and pigment spots.

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ER: YAG surgical laser

Er: YAG surgical laser

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Digital Dermatoscope

Digital Dermatoscope FotoFinder

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Price list

Examination by digital dermatoscope Price
Initial examination 1,200 CZK
Examination 1,200 CZK
Alexandrite laser (pigmentation, naevi) Price
In case of long term intensive and extensive procedures, contract price is offered.
Minor/ Testing procedure 500 CZK
Minor procedure 2,200 CZK
Medium procedure 2,200 - 3,100 CZK
Major procedure 3,100 - 5,000 CZK
Small excision 2,800 CZK
Medium excision 2,800 - 4,000 CZK
Major excision  from 6,000 CZK
Histological examination 1,200 CZK
Erbium laser Price
1 - 2 minor laser procedures 1,900 CZK
3 - 5 minor laser procedures 2,600 - 4,300 CZK
6 - 10 minor laser procedures 4,300 - 6,300 CZK
10 - 20 minor laser procedures 6,300 - 9,900 CZK
20 + minor laser procedures from 10,000 CZK