Alex TriVantage Candela

Candela Alex TriVantage laser is a flashlamp-pumped, Q-switched alexadrite laser which is designed for the removal of tattoos, benign pigmented skin lesions and Nevus of Ota lesion types. The best results can be reached when targeting blue, green and black pigment. It is advisable to conduct tests for other pigment colours.

The Alex TriVantage laser delivers laser energy at a wavelength 755 nm with a 50 nanoseconds pulse duration. The wavelength of the laser radiation of 755 nm is absorbed by pigments and has minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. This is due to the appropriate choice of wavelength which has a maximum pigment absorption quality and minimal effect on the surrounding tissues. Apart from that, the length of the pulse is smaller than the thermal relaxation time, minimizing the transfer of heat to the surrounding tissue.

A high voltage power source charges the capacitor. This capacitor is then discharged through 4 thyristors through the lamp. The resulting flash excites the alexandrite crystal and leads to the emission of laser radiation pulse. Auxiliary voltage is connected to the discharge lamps, which causes their ionization. The laser pulse breaks down pigment whose parts are subsequently naturally discharged from the body.


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