It was the opportunity to expand my existing dermatological practice with the use of high-performance lasers that brought me to Esthé. The spectrum of clients with skin issues here is diverse, and the collaboration with experts from other medical fields is excellent. That's why I gladly remain here – for more than twenty years now.

MD Pavel Zloský

For more than 20 years, he held the position of the Head physician at our clinic. As a Head physician, he also served from 1993 at the Dermatovenereology Clinic of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and General University Hospital in Prague. Simultaneously, he also served as the chief medical officer of the Advice Center for Pigmented Nevi.

In his rich career as a dermatologist, he dedicated himself, among other things, to the diagnosis of immunological skin diseases and cutaneous oncology. From 2003 to 2021, he was a member of the examination committee for board certifications in corrective dermatology. He collaborated on the implementation of the dermatoscopic examination method to refine the diagnosis of pigmented skin changes and tumors. He is a co-author and author of more than thirty specialist books and articles.


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Dr. Zloský has over 50 years of experience in the field of dermatovenereology. You will appreciate his rich experience and meticulousness, for example, in the diagnosis of moles.


Dr. Zloský describes how the digital dermatoscope works

Education and Work Experience

  • 1973 Graduation from the Faculty of General Medicine in Prague
  • 1973–1975

    Dermatology Department at Teplice Hospital

  • 1977

    Board certifications in Dermatovenereology (I. and II. degree)

  • 1975–1985

    Laboratory for the Research of Skin Metabolism and Hygiene, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

  • 1985–2002

    1st Dermatology Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague; Institute of Cosmetology – Secondary Physician and Head Physician

  • 2015

    Honorary membership in the Czech Medical Society J. E. Purkyně

  • 2002+

    Esthé - Klinika estetické medicíny, a.s., Chief Physician and Medical Doctor

  • 2003–2021

    Member of the examination committee for certifications in corrective dermatology for the Medical Chamber