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Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Hello, I have hyperpigmentation problem on my both underarms since few years back and back then I was diagnosed with Neurodermititis as I had an allergic reaction to a deodorant I used. Now my underarm skin is healed but left with dark marks from it and I would like to laser it to remove the hyperpigmentation. What kind of laser procedure would you recommend for me and how many sessions will I need to go through to cleared up the pigmentation? Thank you in advance!

Anonym, 11. 5. 2022




Could you please send us pictures of your hyperpigmentations to this email address recepce@esthe-laser.cz? The treatment would probably be the alexandrite laser but I would need to see the spots before telling you whether the treatment would really help you and approximately how many sessions you would need.

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