Pigment spots

Do you want to get rid of pigment spots or tattoos? At Esthé Laser clinic we will easily help you with this problem. We use a special Alexandrite laser for this procedure, which helps to break down pigment into tiny particles. These are subsequently washed away, making your skin unblemished again. This laser can eliminate senile pigmentation, solar pigmentation, moles, some innate birthmarks, brown coloured scars, tattoos, permanent make-up and other hyperpigmentation.


How does the alexandrite laser work?

Alexandrite laser works on the principle of the laser beam with a wavelength of 755 nm, which is most effectively absorbed by skin pigment. Precisely targeted beam will break down pigment into tiny particles which will either be deposited after the procedure at the surface of the skin in the form of a scab or absorbed by the blood from which they will be washed out of the body by white blood cells.

This laser can be used to deal with:

  • senile pigmentation
  • solar pigmentation
  • freckles
  • Some congenital naevi
  • Brown discolored scars
  • Tattoos
  • Other hyperpigmentations


What is the course of the removal of pigment spots? 

The procedure is almost painless, but at the request of a client, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia. After the procedure, the treated area will temporarily become darker and small surface scabs will form on it, which usually disappear within a week without leaving a visible scar. It is necessary to let the scabs heal and not to scratch them. It is suitable to lubricate them with ointment containing antibiotics, which will be recommended to you by your attending doctor. 

After the procedure, it is necessary to avoid sunlight for a longer period during which it is essential to use a sunscreen with high sun protection factor, which can be purchased immediately after the procedure in our clinic.

Removal of pigment spots by laser can be combined with chemical peeling.




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Used methods

Alex TriVantage Candela

Alex TriVantage is an alexandrite laser designed for the removal of tattoos and pigment spots.

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Price list

Alexandrite laser Candela, USA Price
In case of long term intensive and extensive procedures, a contract price is offered.
Initial examination (payed only on the 1st visit) 500 CZK
Minor/ Test procedure 500 CZK
Pigmentation, Naevi Price
Minor procedure 2,200 CZK
Medium procedure 2,200 - 3,100 CZK
Major procedure 3,100 - 5,000 CZK