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Sun spots/[pigmentation

Hi there, I am hoping to travel to Prague in April and wish to have the sunspots on my face removed. I have about 11 down the right-hand side of my face with one large one (about an inch diameter). I hope to also have some other skin rejuvenation treatments since I have turned 40 years old. How many laser treatments are needed to remove sunspots? Best wishes, Amy Smith

Amy Smith, 24. 2. 2022


Dear Amy,


I am afraid it is not really possible to promise you that one session of the alexandrite laser treatment will be enough to remove all your pigment spots to your complete satisfaction. Sometimes it is needed to repeat the treatment. If it is so the client comes in for the subsequent laser procedure about 4 weeks after the first one. 

We offer many rejuvenation treatments at the clinic, for ex. laser rejuvenation or dermal fillers, mesotherapy and botox. The last ones would probably be more suitable for you if you plan to stay in Prague only for a few days/weeks but all depends on a personal consultation with a doctor.

Please don´t hesitate to contact our recption desk in case you need any more information or you would like to book an appointment.


Kind regards,

MUDr. Gabriela Mrzenová


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