For June we have prepared a special discount on the botox procedure for the Laser Club members. It is great for removing wrinkles, but it also helps against excessive sweating. Both procedures require only minimum recovery – so you can enjoy summer to the fullest! 

So Don´t Scowl at the Sun!

Try botox with a 15% special discount on the unit and enjoy the summer without wrinkles.

  • Botox is great for wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and between the eyebrows
  • The procedure takes only a few minutes and is not painful
  • The effects present themselves after a few days and last up to 6 months

Sweatless Summer

Due to its characteristics, botox can prevent excessive sweating in the armpits. It reduces the activity of sweat glands for up to 1 year giving you the possibility to enjoy the summer in comfort and dryness. On top of that, the whole procedure is painless and safe. Find out more about this topic.

The discount can be applied while presenting the member card Esthé Laser Club by 30th June 2017. The discount does not apply to subscriptions and cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. Are you not yet a member of our club? Sign up here and gain a membership with lots of advantages!