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Sun pigmentation

Hi, I have sun pigmentation on my face. Which laser type is the best and how many session is needed for medium level of pigmentation?

Barbara, 24. 10. 2022 Answer »

Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Hello, I have hyperpigmentation problem on my both underarms since few years back and back then I was diagnosed with Neurodermititis as I had an allergic reaction to a deodorant I used. Now my underarm skin is healed but left with dark marks from it and I would like to laser it to remove the hyperpigmentation. What kind of laser procedure would you recommend for me and how many sessions will I need to go through to cleared up the pigmentation? Thank you in advance!

11. 5. 2022 Answer »

Sun spots/[pigmentation

Hi there, I am hoping to travel to Prague in April and wish to have the sunspots on my face removed. I have about 11 down the right-hand side of my face with one large one (about an inch diameter). I hope to also have some other skin rejuvenation treatments since I have turned 40 years old. How many laser treatments are needed to remove sunspots? Best wishes, Amy Smith

Amy Smith, 24. 2. 2022 Answer »


Hello! I have recently cleared up my acne and no longer have any spots. I am however left with darker scars on my cheeks and was wonder what procedure would be the right one to choose?

Denice Clemen , 5. 1. 2022 Answer »

pigment spots in the face

After laser treatment of pigment spots on the face, some scabs will appear. How long will it be before I can shave again? Does the beard hair grow through the scab?

30. 10. 2021 Answer »

Skin treatment

I have some minor skin pigmentation possible remove by cold laser how

Jaber , 3. 9. 2013 Answer »



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