Laser Tattoo Removal

At Esthé clinic we remove tattoos using the high power alexandrite laser Candela which was approved for this purpose by the FDA. The Candela laser is equipped with unique dynamic cooling which makes the procedure painless and simultaneously allows the use of stronger power, i.e. reaching the maximum effect. The laser targets only the dye of the tattoo, it does not damage the skin surrounding the tattoo.

The course of the laser tattoo removal

Do not sunbathe before the laser removal of your tattoo. If you prefer, we can numb the treated area with anaesthetic cream. During the procedure, the laser gradually breaks down the pigment of the tattoo into tiny particles. Those are deposited on the surface skin in the form of scabs or are absorbed by the blood from which they are captured by the body white blood cells and flushed out of the body.

Painfulness of the procedure

Tattoo removal by Candela laser is almost painless thanks to the dynamic cooling. The laser pulse produces a sensation similar to a slight pinching. We usually treat smaller tattoos without anaesthesia. If the tattoo is extensive or located in a delicate area, we apply an anaesthetic cream prior to the procedure.

How many times does the procedure need to be repeated

Unfortunately, we cannot estimate in advance how many procedures will be needed to remove a tattoo. The dyes of the tattoo are deposited in multiple layers of the epidermis and the laser cannot target and break down all of the layers at once. To remove the tattoo completely, we must repeat the procedure. There must be an interval of four to six weeks between the individual procedures.

The number of times the procedure has to be repeated to remove the tattoo depends on its size and location, on the dye and the composition of the ink. Different dyes absorb different wavelengths of light; it is relatively easy to remove black, grey and dark blue dyes, on the other hand, the removal of red, yellow or green dyes is much more demanding on the functioning of the immune system.


Healing and recovery

After the tattoo is removed by laser, the skin heals for 7 to 14 days and slight swelling and scabs are normal. During the healing phase, do not visit the swimming pool, sauna, etc., as the wound could get infected. Consistently protect your tattoo from sunlight for at least three months.




Tattoo Removal? Not a problem at Esthé!

Do you have a tattoo that you could happily go without? At Esthé we will take care of that and remove it once and for all!

Laser as a Way to Youthful Appearance

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Used methods

Alex TriVantage Candela

Alex TriVantage is an alexandrite laser designed for the removal of tattoos and pigment spots.

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price list

Tattoo removal Price
In case of long term intensive and extensive procedures, a contract price is offered.
Initial examination (payed only on the 1st visit) 500 CZK
Test procedure 500 CZK
Minor procedure 2 500 CZK
Medium procedure 3 500 CZK
Major procedure 4 500-5 000 CZK