skin diseases

Skin diseases or dermatoses such as acne, cold sores, eczema, skin protuberances and other are considerable aggravations in our lives. However, you do not have to be tormented by them. At our clinic we will resolve your skin problems using the highly effective laser technology.

Which dermatoses can be treated by laser?

These are usually chronic inflammatory skin diseases which cannot be easily resolved by conventional treatment methods. To eliminate these skin conditions, we use several laser techniques at Esthé, which can significantly reduce, or completely heal them. Our offer of laser technology products includes for example:

  • Maestro biostimulation laser
  • V-Beam vascular laser
  • Smoothbeam diode laser
  • and other

Acne vulgaris
This is a persistent inflammatory skin disease affecting the face and the chest. Younger people tend to suffer from it most often. Lately, we have been registering increased occurrence of this condition among women and middle-aged men. The treatment is long, complicated and has to be comprehensive. Very good results have been achieved using a series of treatments by Smoothbeam diode laser.

It is also known as rosacea. This persistent progressive disease of the skin, affecting especially the face, is caused by the expansion of blood vessels on the cheeks and the nose, in combination with inflammatory enlargement of sebaceous glands. The ideal treatment consists in repeated procedures by vascular and diode laser, which, in conjunction with local treatment, leads to significant improvements.

Perioral dermatitis
It is a disease of the skin on the face which is conditioned by many factors and afflicts mainly women. It is lengthy, burdensome for clients and its treatment is difficult due to the higher sensitivity of the skin. In addition to the local and systemic treatment, good results can be achieved by the series of procedures by biostimulation laser.


Recurrent cold sores
Recurrent herpetic eruptions occurring most often around the mouth, but also elsewhere on the body usually respond well to the series of treatments by biostimulation laser.

Atopic eczema, dermatitis
Attacks or exacerbations of, for instance, atopic eczema on the face, but also dermatitis of other origin can be treated by biostimulation laser, which has high anti-inflammatory effects and assists in skin regeneration processes.

Enlarged blood vessels
Vascular changes in the face and elsewhere on the skin as enlarged blood vessels, small angiomas, and even surface manifestations, the so called "stork bites" can be solved by high performance vascular laser.

Skin protuberances
Skin protuberances, some pigmented lesions  and warts  can also be removed by laser technology after a medical examination.


Used methods

Candela V-Beam

VBam is a pulsed-dye laser used for the treatment of most skin imperfections.

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